Xbox Wireless Adapter for the US delayed until 2018 – Neowin

It was only last week when Microsoft revealed its new Xbox Wireless Adapter. The USB stick would provide users a better option when it came to connecting Xbox One controllers to a Windows 10 PC. Although the adapter was originally slated to arrive in the Microsoft Store in the United States on August 8, it appears that the time frame has now been changed.

If you were hoping to make your purchase, chances are you’ll be sorely disappointed as the item is now listed as “not available” and has a release date of January 31, 2018. That’s right, you’ll be waiting a good six months before you’ll get your hands on the unit.

Windows Central has spoken with Microsoft about the change and the representative has confirmed that the date is correct and that customers in the US should expect to see the adapter arrive next year. If you reside in other regions, you’ll be subject to…

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