Why can’t Medicare join the insurance business?

Dear John: You finished a recent column by asking for some letters on health care. So I will share some insight.

My expertise in this area is simple. I was self-employed and provided insurance for my wife and myself from 1982 through 2012.

I started at $900 per year [in premiums] and ended at $23,000, before we stumbled into Medicare like punch-drunk fighters.

I believe this was the reason for the Affordable Care Act, which the Republicans have the nerve to blame for rising rates. The problem is simple: Approximately $3.4 trillion goes to health care, and the insurance companies take half for their overhead and net profit.

Here is a solution : Let Medicare get into the insurance business.

If United Health wants $20 million for a company’s health care, Medicare could do it for $12 million and still make money.

Anybody who maligns Medicare is just plain stupid. A.S.


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