West Ham's Joe Hart preparing to take the Premier League by storm for the second time in his career

There is something different about Joe Hart when he ducks out of the unwanted summer rain and into the press room at West Ham‘s training ground.

It’s not the way he talks – there’s no Italian twang after his year with Torino, sadly – and there’s no change to the familiar swagger. No, it’s something far more prosaic than that: he has a black eye.

“The induction was to have a fight with Andy Carroll,” he jokes, but really it is the result of throwing himself around in training in preparation for the new season with his new club. It is a fitting visual metaphor for a player looking to take the Premier League by storm for a second time in his career, bruised but unbowed after his cold war with Pep Guardiola.

Not that Hart is desperate to comb through the wreckage of his relationship with Manchester City. There are new challenges to focus on in east London, after…

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