The Pour: Five Common Wine Myths, Debunked

Sweet white wines ranging from barely sweet to luscious can be glorious with food. The key is balance: The residual sugar in the wine, often caused by incomplete fermentation, must be countered by lively acidity. In successful bottles, the result is a thrilling tightrope walk as the wine treads the line between sweet and dry. These wines are indisputably sweet, but the acidity cleans away any cloying sensation, leaving a dry, refreshing feeling after swallowing.

Good examples are certain German rieslings (another myth is that all German rieslings are sweet — not remotely true!) and demi-sec Vouvrays. For a course of foie gras and guinea hen terrine, Josh MacGregor of DB Bistro Moderne picked two Mosel rieslings from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard, a 2015 Dr. Loosen spätlese and a 2007 J.J. Prüm kabinett.

This stacked the deck a bit. Traditionally, foie gras is served with…

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