Progressives are building outside of the Democratic Party to win in 2018 – Washington Post

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) mentioned President Trump during a Saturday morning speech, the more than 1,000 activists at the progressive Netroots Nation conference booed.

But when she mentioned a “so-called Democratic strategist” who wanted her party to move to the center, the boos rang even louder.

“Apparently, the path forward is to go back to locking up nonviolent drug offenders and ripping more holes in our economic safety net,” Warren said sarcastically, in a Saturday morning speech. “We’re not going back to the days when universal health care was something Democrats talked about on the campaign trail, but were too chicken to fight for after they got elected.”

Warren’s party, locked out of power in Washington and most of the country, has spent 2017 opposing Trump while also fighting about what it really stands for. Both trends were on…

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