It’s Time to Reform Our Tax Code. Let’s Do Something Historic. – Daily Signal

Note: House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke at The Heritage Foundation on Oct. 12. The following has been adapted from his remarks.

Thank you, Dr. Feulner, and thank you to The Heritage Foundation for having me. The very first thing I want to say is that all of us here owe so much to Ed Feulner. The conservative movement has never had a happier warrior. Or a more influential one.

I get a real kick out of a story that Ed tells from 1971 about a meeting that he had on Capitol Hill. He had heard some things about a freshman congressman who had some big ideas about economics.

This, of course, shocked him. But that is how he came to know Jack Kemp. It was the first of many meetings, and many exchanges between them.

Back then, that is how it went. You had to essentially go door to door to find like-minded conservatives. Ed Feulner changed all of that, and gave us all of this. He…

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