How to use essential oils for wellness – Metro US

We can all agree tensions are pretty high right now. There’s plenty to stress out about on a global level, on top of our personal anxieties, which we all have on account of being human. 

While we’re mostly all trying to live a healthy lifestyle — get enough sleep, exercise, eat right  — we can use all the extra help we can get. Aromatherapy, while no substitute for care from a mental health or medical professional, can be a nice self-care boost to help you get a good night’s sleep, relieve your anxiety and refocus your energy.

“You can’t put all your emphasis on peppermint to cure everything if you’re also drinking a six-pack and sitting in front of the TV all day,” explains Amy Galper, founder of the NY Institute of Aromatherapy. “Aromatherapy and using essential oils for healing is considered a complementary alternative care modality.”


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