Gross! Cockroach infestations breaking out in popular gaming console! – Komando

Ever had a gaming console flake out on you? Maybe in the middle of an extended session of “Final Fantasy XV,” in the middle of a heated battle with a Cactuar, your console randomly shuts down, leaving you crying in wasted despair.

You pause and wonder. The abrupt shutdown and gaming debacle may be due to a number of reasons – overheating, software glitches, hardware issues, electrical problems, a deux ex machina moment to get you off the couch.

Or maybe it’s due to bugs…literally.

Playstation 4 gamers meet the American cockroach – mister Periplaneta Americana, to be exact.

The PS4 is a Roach Magnet

Video gaming website Kotaku reported that the cockroaches love to reside inside the PlayStation 4 (PS4), more than any other console, trumping even the Xbox One.

What is it with the PS4 that makes it an attractive destination for cockroaches?

Well, first, the PS4 has wider vents than…

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