Chris Evans falls in love with Mercedes' new glamper van

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo 250 d Sport Long 


Geriatric road rage is alive and kicking. I know because I witnessed said phenomenon this week, between an elderly gentleman in a Volvo and another old chap on a mobility scooter. 

The chap in the Volvo was already plenty perplexed as he’d sent himself dizzy orbiting the village green for ten minutes trying to find a parking space, to no avail. 

The fella on the scooter quietly crept into proceedings from stage right and came to a halt in the middle of the road to talk to an old gal he seemed to know.

Mercedes has decided to throw its hat into the commercial ring of outdoor campfire fun. It’s time to welcome the glamper van, or to be more precise, the Marco Polo Sport Long

Although Volvo Man could easily have continued to drive around Scooter Man, as he had done several times already, he became…

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