Boy, 7, falls into open manhole – The Herald-Times

When Chris Baskins and his son, Wyatt, were on their way to a Chinese restaurant on the south side of Bloomington Monday night, something unexpected happened. While walking and playing with his iPod, Wyatt fell into a 9-foot-deep manhole.

“He just disappeared,” Baskins said. “We were walking and he had his iPod and not really paying attention, and we were talking about food and he was gone. It took a minute to find out what actually just happened, and I didn’t hear him hit the bottom.”

It took a few seconds for the 7-year-old to respond to his father, who was approximately 9 feet, one inch above him. The boy was still grasping his iPod, trying to figure out with what had happened.

“When he finally snapped out of it, he turned on his iPod (which…

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