Bill Cosby prosecution in brink of collapse as jury locked

The prosecution of Bill Cosby could be hovering on the brink of collapse as the jury remain locked in deliberations with no word of an imminent verdict after more than 50 hours – a length of time ‘beyond the point of free will,’ according to defense attorney Brian McMonagle.

In a day in which the defense has renewed their already vigorous argument for Judge Steven O’Neill to declare a mistrial he has staunchly defended his stance of allowing the jury to attempt to reach a unanimous consensus.

O’Neill rejected McMonagle’s motion this morning stating: ‘I have heard absolutely nothing from the jury with any issue about how they are deliberating, any issue of coercion.’

He said there was a ‘misperception that there is some rule of law that there is a time limit’ and challenged McMonagle to bring him the case law that proves anything different.

With jurors looking exhausted…

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