ASK TONY: EDF is chasing me for £2,400 owed by my ex

I am being pursued by EDF Energy for a £2,400 debt built up by my ex-husband. We were married for three years. In that time I was physically and mentally abused.

I finally managed to evict him from my house with the help of police. It was only when I started clearing out his possessions that I discovered unopened bills — bills I had trusted him to pay with my help. 

I rang the companies and explained the situation. The water companies, BT and Sky all said they would pursue him for the debt and allowed me to open new accounts making a fresh start in my name.

The exception was EDF who was adamant I would have to pay. The firm was awful, unsympathetic, rigid and bullying. It said to stop matters escalating further I would have to agree to have the debt put into my name and pay £40 per month towards it.

So far I have paid around £1,000, but my bill recently rose to £178 per month.

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