Antibiotic resistance: Huge fears for ‘end of modern medicine’ –


A part of the problem is that countries around the world are uncoordinated in tackling the issue

Professor Dame Sally Davies said that if antibiotics lose their effectiveness it will spell “the end of modern medicine”. 

Without the drugs used to fight infections, common medical interventions such as caesarean sections, cancer treatments and hip replacements would become incredibly “risky”, she said. 

And transplant medicine would be a “thing of the past”, she added. 

“We really are facing, if we don’t take action now, a dreadful post-antibiotic apocalypse,” she told the Press Association. 

“I don’t want to say to my children that I didn’t do my best to protect them and their children.” 


Drug resistant strains of diseases are responsible for over 00,000 deaths every year

This is a serious issue that is with us now,…

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