Alan Gardner uses his autism to improve back yards

Alan Gardner has something Charlie Dimmock and Monty Don simply don’t. And it’s not his trademark pink hair and matching nails, although his maverick appearance gives you a clue. 

It’s Alan’s autism that gives him the uniquely quirky horticultural skills that have helped him create off-the-wall garden designs inspired by jet engines, wind turbines, symmetrical flower petals and even mathematical sequences.

In his first critically acclaimed series of The Autistic Gardener a few years ago, Alan radically transformed gardens with the help of a team of talented autistic trainees. Now he’s back with a bigger challenge – taking on some of Britain’s unloved suburban gardens. 

Joe and Pinky in their new garden with Alan Gardner (right) who helped them redevelop it 

‘I want to blow the doors off the bog-standard British back garden,’ he…

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