Alameda’s Adoptable Pets: Stop Fido from jumping on people – East Bay Times

By Barbara Gallardo

Many dog owners take an “it-depends” approach. We don’t mind if our dog jumps on us when they walk in the door. In fact, most of us love the exuberant welcome. But we have friends and neighbors who wouldn’t like it, and it is generally frowned upon to allow even small dogs to jump on children.

Jumping can be confusing for dogs if we let them do it sometimes but not at other times. We should make it clear: they are not allowed to jump, regardless of whom they are greeting. The only exception is if we give them permission to jump with a command.

First, manage the immediate problem. You do this by physically blocking the dog from jumping. This at least prevents the behavior from getting worse. At home, when your dog is not on a leash, you can either crate her or keep her behind a gate when you are expecting company. On the street, when you stop to talk to…

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