A VETERAN’S STORY: In memorium for the most recent – News-Daily.com

I announced myself as the door opened, “Colonel Northcutt, I’m Pete Mecca, the journalist.”

“Well, hey, Pete,” he replied. “Come on in. And the name is Bud, not Colonel.”

“That’s fine, Colonel.”

Colonel Bud Northcutt stopped, glanced back at yours truly, and said, “Call me Bud.”

“No problem, Colonel.”

The man stared at me as if lining me up for a body slam. Tall, with huge shoulders and the physique of a Grizzly bear, a body slam did not seem out of the question. A grin creased his lips. “I like you, Pete. You’re as hard-headed as I am. Come on in.”

Thus began a five-year friendship with Maurice Loren “Bud” Northcutt, a former S-2 Intelligence officer, a coach of all-black football, baseball and basketball teams,…

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